Why the name Black Goat?


There are many factors that lead to that ultimate name. Like most things in life, the result is more about the journey then the destination. Obviously, I did not pick the name because I love the mammal that lives in farms, or forages the mountains. Rather I love what the name represents. I hope as you read this you will come to understand the “why” behind the name, and you will join me in being excited about the values and objectives the name represents.

Be YOU- Be unique. Be true to yourself. This is the “black” aspect of the name. Do not have the goal of being just like someone else. Have the goal of being the best version of yourself. There is only ONE you in the world and I want you to be proud of that, even if it means being DIFFERENT. Celebrate what makes you different, what makes you unique. Through our differences that is how we become strong. We are a community depending on all of our differences coming together to make us a strong and resilient family.

Be SMART- This is imperative to your success. Think things through. Be coachable. Be reasonable. Work smarter not harder. Don't overload, overuse, overwork your body. We are here to support YOUR goals, not make you do our workout our way. Communicate what your goals are, and what you know you should NOT be doing. Not doing a movement because you have an injury does not exclude you from participation, we are happy to give you another movement that will get you closer to your goals. Forcing movement when you know you shouldn’t CAN exclude you from the activities in life you enjoy or add unnecessary pain to your life you are trying to improve. MOVE SMART. Pay attention to the stimulus your coach is telling you to go for. Beating your neighbor is NEVER the desired goal, out lifting the person next to you does not define success.

Don't work hard for one hour of your day then reward yourself a big mac. Your Nutrition habits dictate 80% of your success or failure. That is why we place such a big emphasis on eating right. EAT SMART.

Another part of being smart is thinking tough, you believe what you preach to yourself in the mirror. When things get tough, do you think “I can’t” or do you think “I can”? Choosing positive self-talk can go a long way towards how your brain handles adversity, and lead to long-term success in and out of the gym.  When I think of a smart animal, I think of a goat. They figure things you if there is something they want they persist and seek all paths till their goal is accomplished.

Work hard- Another goat attribute. There are many companies that will bring a goat to your yard and take care of your weed/overgrowth problems. Goats eat anything, and they don't complain. Weed the garden, done. Climb a mountain, sure. When you see a mile run in the WOD, no problem. A heavy back squat, you do your best. Hard work is unquantifiable. Rather it is a measure of heart, attitude, and effort given during a task. Another part of hard work has to do with being resilient. CrossFit means that you are going to face difficulty. You are volunteering for it by joining our program. All we ask it you show up, have a good attitude and give it your best effort.

Play harder- Obviously this is why you are joining! There is something you want to attain in life, and you believe that doing CrossFit will help you get there. So do we. It's amazing that by getting better at pull-ups and deadlifts you have more energy and live a fuller life. We want you to keep focused on your life outside of the gym. Your “WHY”. Everything you do in our box needs to be reaching you closer to being MORE alive and able to live the life you dream of. We also want you to enjoy our community. Work is always more fun when you are with friends.

Belong- Goats operate in herds, they stick together. I hope this place, and these people become more to you then reps and barbells. I hope this box is a place you take pride in being associated with. These people will become a part of your life, and in turn, make your life better. We seek quality of movement, we pursue excellence with our coaches and athletes, but we end up with is an unquantifiable value being added to our life. You come in to lose fat and get better at fitness. You will attain those, but you will also gain a whole tribe.

So that is it in a nutshell. Now, I hope you understand why I am so proud and excited to be on this journey with BLACK GOAT written on my banner. Are you ready to join the tribe?