Success Stories

We believe in you. Join us!



Jenifer is a lady on a mission! She was our challenge winner and we are so proud of her progress 🖤. We are chasing progress, not perfection. 🙌 We focus on what you are gaining through this process. Sure loosing fat is maybe why you come through our door, but we hope you gain FAR more important things. 🌟CONFIDENCE.🌟FRIENDS. 🌟SELF BELIEF. 🌟SELF LOVE. 🌟ENERGY. If you change your biometrics but never change how you think about yourself you are only fighting half the battle. 🌟THINK SMART. 🌟THINK TOUGH. 🌟THINK POSITIVE. Join us.



Great work Dave! 👊 Success comes down to all the little thing you do each day. Eating balanced meals, staying hydrated, sleeping, exercising...Consistency matters! Surrounding yourself with a positive community that keeps you accountable also helps. Join us. ⁣



We LOVE results! We are after sustainable LONG term habits that set you up for success! Great job Curt, we love having you and your family as a part of Black Goat CrossFit! 🖤