Salem Giampietro

Started CrossFit in 2009


CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Level 2

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Gymnastics

CrossFit weightlifting

10 years CrossFit coaching experience


Regional Competitor:

2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017

CrossFit Games Competitor


CrossFit Games Coach

Ehea Schuerch Individual Woman- 2018

Favorite WOD:


Why I love CrossFit, or how it has changed my life:

I love learning and growing and CrossFit allows a space for constant development. I take more pride in what my body can do, than how it looks. The best thing about CrossFit is the amazing people! I love coming to a place where I don't have to look my best, but I know that the best will be brought out of me every day. I need that in my life. CrossFit is a place of limitless potential. Even the failures and frustrations are lined with hope. Drinking the Kool Aid changed my life and I have never looked back..


Paul Diediker

Started CrossFit in 2010


CF Level 1

Favorite WOD:


Why I love CrossFit, or how it has changed my life:

I love the camaraderie that it brings. I’m competitive and love pushing myself and accomplishing new things I didn’t know I could and I love the healthy lifestyle it encourages. Crossfit has helped me realize that my body is capable of far more than my mind wants me to put it through. Getting over that mental hurdle to push through physical things has also allowed me to adapt that same mentality to other aspects of life where I might have otherwise given in to adversity but because I have practiced this mental state through crossfit I’m better fit to push through hard times in life.


Shawna Weathers

Started CrossFit in


Favorite WOD:

Why I love CrossFit, or how it has changed my life:


Krys Haas

Started CrossFit in 2008


CF level 1

Favorite WOD:


Why I love CrossFit, or how it has changed my life:

I went through school thinking I was going to be an athlete, I was think needed to put in extra work. I would do some workouts on occasion then after high school I moved to Canada to play hockey. When I came back I rediscovered CrossFit and instead of gearing it toward a sport I learned that it would help me in everyday life to be in better shape. I love CrossFit because you can be at any spot in your fitness and still show up and do a WOD and feel like you got the best workout you possibly could everyday.


Chelsea Trembly

Started CrossFit in 2014


Registered Nurse

Bachelors of science in nursing

Basic life support for healthcare provider, pediatric advanced life support.

In process of 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher Training.

Favorite WOD:


Why I love CrossFit, or how it has changed my life:

I love the challenge of the workouts, no workout is the same. There are competent coaches willing to help guide you through movements as keep you motivated.

Most of all I love the community of people who are all ages & all body types coming together motivated to do better than the day before.



Danika Diediker

If you see amazing photos they are from this amazing lady! she has handled all of our branding from concept, to logo, to space design ideas, to photography.


Victory Media

Good people who know digital! Victory has been awesome. They handle all the techy things so that I can focus on fitness!