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  • New To CrossFit? Don’t worry! Start with our Launch Program! Our #1 priority is learning proper technique and mobility to prevent injuries. Learn the foundations of CrossFit, barbell and gymnastics movements during 4 one-on-one training sessions with one of our certified coaches. Once you graduate from the Launch Program, you will have the knowledge base and confidence to jump into the CrossFit classes.

  • Experienced CrossFitter? Test out of Launch and jump right into CrossFit classes.

“The magic is in the movement, the art is in the programming, the science is in the explanation, and the fun is in the community.” - Greg Glassman

We hope you will come and find a place you feel comfortable and confident to be yourself, work hard, and belong. 

CrossFit General- Open to anyone, this is our most offered class. CrossFit offers athletes the opportunity to gain exposure to the widest degree of complexity, loading, and variance. In our classes, all movements, loads, and time domains are fair game. Workouts are highly varied in duration, format, and type. Each session begins with a general warm-up, followed by a skill review, skill session or specific warm-up. The high intensity workout comes next, and athletes need to be ready for anything! This class is perfect for anyone interested in high intensity training but can be scaled for any ability level whether newer or more advanced athletes.

Ladies Class- We understand the importance of ladies having a safe haven to come and get sweaty with their friends. This class is open to all levels and we hope you enjoy this adult hour and conversations as much as the workouts. 

Sweat Class- SWEAT is our special spin on fast-paced interval training. Workouts for SWEAT involve very little equipment and can be performed almost anywhere -- at the gym, at home, or on the road. Every workout involves four different station rotations. Athletes work through each station for a short period of time then move to a new station. Workouts will always challenge athletes to push themselves through the burn! SWEAT is perfect for athletes looking for high-energy interval training, want to focus only on conditioning, or need a quick workout that they can do anywhere!

YOGA- This is a great balance to our classes! Very beginner friendly. Come learn more about this method of fitness, bring your own yoga mat (we do have some available for your to borrow).

Vitality Class- This class still follows the same workout, but there is intention towards those athletes who need a longer warm up, mobility and less high impact during a workout. We are fighting off the nursing home and disease. We keep the movements and weights to minimize injury and soreness but maximize results. You can perform the WOD at any level you choose (launch/vitality/fitness/competitor) but you must stay with the flow of the class.