Corporate Wellness

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What's the single thing you can do to make your staff happier and healthier, miss fewer days, and work better together? Group Exercise.

Black Goat can bring movement to your workplace, or bring your staff to ours! Our workouts are novel, fun, and challenging: the perfect environment for team-building.

“We introduced CrossFit here at Reebok a little more than a year ago, and it’s changed our company in a profound way. We want to let everyone around the world experience the transformation that we have – as individuals and as a company.” Uli Becker, president of Reebok

Employers who invest in worksite wellness can see a return of $3-6 per every dollar spent over a 2-5 year period: lower medical costs, absenteeism, worker’s comp claims, and short-term disability.

  • A systematic review of 42 articles showed: 28% reduction in sick leave absenteeism, 26% reduction in the use of healthcare benefits, 30% reduces worker’s comp claims and disability management.

  • At Black Goat CrossFit, we focus on behavior change and promoting a healthy lifestyle rather than a restrictive diet

  • Foster a healthy environment for your employees

  • Promote a lifestyle change

  • Educate, provide resources and support to improve the overall health of your employees



  • Nutrition Challenge

  • Nutrition & Fitness Challenge

  • Nutrition Seminar

  • Nutrition Seminar Series

  • Team Building Event at Black Goat CrossFit



  • Surviving the Holidays

  • New Year, New You

  • Spring into Action

  • Nutrition for the Whole Family