Pick a Track!

(This can be tailored to your goals)

Pick the track that aligns with your goals! We understand that everyone has different goals and different reasons for doing CrossFit. We want you to feel confident in coming to a class that you will be asked to do movements and weights that align with YOU. We truly believe that CrossFit is for EVERYONE and we want you to use CrossFit to make your life better!

Launch- You are new to CrossFit, learning form and consistency.

Vitality- Your goals are to thrive in your life outside of the gym. We are fighting off the nursing home and disease.  We keep the movements and weights to minimize injury and soreness but maximize results.

Fitness- You compete in some aspects of life, local competitions, triathlons, biking, etc. You are confident with most movements and don’t mind soreness lingering into your life.

Competition- You have your sights set on the CrossFit Open or some specific CrossFit Competition, you sacrifice sleep, comfort, and balance to get better at CrossFit, You are always sore.

Launch Vitality Performance Competitor
Pull Up Ring Row Strict banded or jumping Pull up Chest to bar
Toes to bar Low Ab Leg Lift Hanging Pike Toes to bar Toes to bar
Muscle up Low bar MU Low ring MU Jumping Muscle-up Muscle up
Barbell Heavy Men 135lbs
Ladies 95lbs
Men 155lbs
Ladies 105lbs
Men 185lbs
Ladies 135lbs
Men 205lbs
Ladies 155lbs
Barbell Dynamic Men 55lbs
Ladies 35lbs
Men 75lbs
Ladies 55lbs
Men 95lbs
Ladies 65lbs
Men 135lbs
Ladies 95lbs
Box Jumps Men Step up 16in
Ladies Step up 16in
Men 20in
Ladies 16in
Men 24in
Ladies 20in
Men 30in
Ladies 24in
Double Unders Single Unders Single Unders Double Unders Double Unders
Kettlebell Men 35lbs
Ladies 26lbs
Men 35lbs
Ladies 26lbs
Men 53lbs
Ladies 35lbs
Men 70lbs
Ladies 53lbs
Dumbell Men 20lbs
Ladies 10lbs
Men 35lbs
Ladies 20lbs
Men 50lbs
Ladies 35lbs
Men 70lbs
Ladies 50lbs