Who is Black Goat CrossFit?

Our basic goal is to help you do more, better, and safely. Our program is for anyone, old, young, fat, thin...it's for YOU. If you need more info about CrossFit in general watch the video below.

My aim is to educate you on who is Black Goat CrossFit , and what makes us different. One word... VALUE . We want to add value to your life, value to your movements, value to your health. Value through nutrition, community, and fitness. We are nutrition focused. What that means is we place a high value on nutrition education and implementation. We want you to succeed. Nutrition is the foundation to results, and long term success. Nutrition is a pillar of our gym. We incorporate nutrition education into our classes and seminars, in our Launch program, and through individualized nutrition coaching. We are community strong. We are intentional about fostering a community that is positive, and strong from the inside out. The real gym is not the building and the equipment, it is each and every person who comes through our doors. We know that you come for the workouts, but you stay because of the friends you have made. We build community through our classes, community events, social media, and personal relationships. We are performance driven . We assess your current ability (flexibility, balance, strength, coordination) and make a plan to help you first move better (learn technique), often (consistency), then move faster (intensity). Lastly, once we see you move well, consistently, with intensity we start manipulating loads. Our highly trained coaches are here to educate you and make sure you are moving correctly. We strive to meet the needs and goals of all of our athletes and improve your athletic performance, so that you can live a fuller higher valued life.

Nutrition focused

Community strong

Performance driven